My Story

When it comes to sweets our resistance just vanishes in the huge sky above us! Any occasion or festival, they have this SWEET in common, though it can range and diversify according to the specific cultures and traditions but there is not a single occasion that is considered perfect without the presence of sweets. Sweets and desserts give us a sense of completeness in our daily life and the cravings they can cause are literally not even close to express-ability. Consider for example, you are on a diet but are forced to visit a bakery to buy bread then trust me you won’t be able to pass all the pastries, cakes, and other sweets so easily. Or considering another example, you had a heavy lunch and are believing that you won’t be able to have dinner with this much food in your body but then comes sweet and suddenly you are sensing some mice running a marathon in your stomach. So, my point was that sweets are desired by most of the people in almost all kind of situations.


There also is a bad news for you that most of the sweets are preloaded with gluten which now after proper researched is thought of as a dangerous ingredient for your health. On shorter grounds as well as on later grounds, gluten can leash bad effects on your health and that is why I have decided to take up this subject and carry out a bit of awareness on the harmful effects of gluten. Though not as dangerous as white sugar but it still can cause some serious problems if your diet has good quantity of wheat already.

This going to be the subject of our discussion. I will be highlighting the effects of gluten on our health of people ranging from healthy ones to the ones who are going through any celiac disease. Also an overall analysis in which there will be comparison of plus points with the negative ones and a final declaration about the fact that if gluten is good or not. But please don’t lose your heart because if gluten is dangerous then it does not really means that you have to cut off sweets in your life rather you can go for gluten free foods and sweets. You are going to get to know about the amazing and most tasty sweets that you can try and that preferably don’t have any gluten in them. Recipes for these delicious sweets including the must try ones, those which you can try on your next party, those that you can prepare and store for future use and so on. The point was to introduce you with numerous other sweets that don’t have any gluten in them yet are amazing to taste. Their taste when compared to those with gluten is tastier and more desirable with the capability of reducing your cravings as well as your calorie counts. So, you better stay connected because there ain’t any sweet that you should miss.